Construccions Gregorio Puigserver, S.L.

Construccions Gregorio Puigserver, S.L.


The construction company Construccions Gregorio Puigserver, S.L. is rather more than a building firm. We come with the reputation for a job well done, the result of years of experience and the strong determination to improve every day, researching the techniques and materials of the traditional Mallorcan house in depth to adapt them to modern needs.

During the sixties, with the tourist boom, a type of architecture was established in the Balearic islands that was alien to our own, made with jarring, often synthetic, materials of very low quality and with aggressive shapes and structures in conflict with the wonderful landscape this island offers us. Since that time, our main concern has been to offer a serious, genuine alternative to this regrettable chaos.

Our constructions, alterations and refurbishments are the result of bringing together ancestral wisdom and technology; the old-style architecture marks for us the patterns for the materials and the proper methods of using them, and, with the help of today’s tools, we can build quality homes in tune with the climate and respecting the environment; ultimately, these are “modern Mallorcan” houses.

To carry our schemes – new buildings, alterations and refurbishment of old houses and buildings – forward, Construccions Gregorio Puigserver, S.L. has a strong, select team of Master Craftsmen who blend perfection with the spirit of enterprise: constant research and love for their work. This large group of professionals – carpenters, ironworkers, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, painters, dry-stone wallers, gardeners, etc. – has become a basic tool for achieving our most important aim: knowing exactly what customers want and advising them so as to obtain the best results, that is, high quality homes.




Our company is a specialist in large refurbishment schemes because it has a wide range of qualified specialists and long experience researching and applying traditional knowledge and techniques concerning materials. This enables us to tackle any project, from a small scheme to, for example, the complete alteration of a building to turn it into a luxury hotel, rebuilding damaged parts, if necessary, or creating new ones respecting the physiognomy of the house. We also use the most modern machinery and products for treating and cleaning old materials, and we use new materials and products provided they respect our architecture.

Popular Architecture:

Our ancestors knew exactly how to build houses in harmony with the environment, both in terms of function and form, because they had a very good knowledge of the secrets of the materials they used and the best techniques for working with them. Because of this, almost since it began, Construccions Gregorio Puigserver, S.L. has been committed to the traditional arts and has researched them in depth, applying them to new buildings in order to obtain top quality in all aspects (insulation, solidity, integration, comfort, beauty, etc.). So, our homes are a perfect blend between the past and present, between ancestral character and modern society’s needs for comfort and convenience.

Modern Architecture:

Simplicity, practicality, economy of resources… are concepts very much belonging to popular architecture, but they are also often associated with new building techniques. The exhaustive knowledge our company has of old buildings enables us to interpret and put into practice the new visions of architects, using the most appropriate techniques for each scheme. The legacy of our builder ancestors is so rich and unique it would be ridiculous to condemn it to oblivion; on the contrary, we are seriously committed to continuing the line they marked out and keeping the spirit of the traditional Mallorcan house alive.


There are monuments standing as examples of our work as restorers of façades. In Palma, there are two which give us special comfort when we look at the final result: the Association of Notaries Public and the Principal Theatre. Construccions Gregorio Puigserver, S.L. is also a specialist in restoring large façades and our workers collaborate with scientists and use cutting edge technology to offer the most effective and least damaging job. The company has recently acquired innovative equipment for cleaning and restoration by projection – high-quality, versatile, manageable and fast-working machinery which allows a wide range of delicate work to be carried out on all kinds of surfaces (stone, brick, wood, glass, metal…). In addition, we use the most appropriate and least damaging abrasives for each material, which allows us to achieve the very highest quality finishes.



Hotel Son Net:

This is one of our company’s flagship projects and consisted of refurbishing and adapting the old property Son Net, in Puigpunyent, to convert it into a luxury hotel.

The scope of the actions carried out throughout the alterations was very wide-ranging and diverse, but we feel especially proud of the reconstruction of the old oil mill, which had to be done from scratch, recreating the stone mill, the wooden winches and all the rest of this complicated, exciting job, which led us to turn to the original plans to achieve maximum fidelity to the style of the property. The surroundings of the oil mill were also reconstructed, together with wide-ranging and varied stonework forming a perfectly integrated and harmonious architectural whole. Different kinds of stucco work were also carried out, a traditional technique that in some way captures inside houses the spirit of Mediterranean light and colours.


Hotel Cas Xorc:

Located in Sóller, in a landscape of olives and sun, Cas Xorc is an old mountain property that was turned into a luxury country hotel.

Our company was commissioned to design and build the swimming pool and garden areas, integrating them into the architecture and landscape as a whole. The main challenge was to harmonise the shapes and colours of a garden with the characteristic austerity of a Tramuntana olive grove. The line to be followed pointed towards the sobriety so characteristic of Mallorcan mountain properties.


Sa Torre:

This is a new building in traditional style. Although it was a project of considerable scope, in the construction of Sa Torre, care has been taken of the smallest details so that, added together one by one, they form a whole which is harmoniously integrated into the environment. The masonry work carried out on the dry stone walls was beautiful and very painstaking and the final result is a house with a traditional spirit but with modern convenience and comfort.

But, for us, Sa Torre is not just another job. We value very highly the understanding there has been with the owners while the scheme has been carried out. This confirms for us the idea that good communication between customer and builder is fundamental for achieving good results.


Cas Colomar:

A new town house in traditional style, Cas Colomar is a home which has been altered along pure, clean lines in response to the needs put to us by the owners: functionality and fidelity to traditional Mallorcan architecture. To do this we opted for simplicity and the lack of superfluous ornamentation, for open, peaceful spaces where habitability is the most important thing.

The good result obtained in the work was clearly reflected in the satisfied faces of our customers.


House in Andratx:

New construction in contemporary style on top of a cliff beside the sea. The team of architects designed it with the idea of visually framing this marine landscape at Andratx from different angles, building three different levels taking advantage of the slope of the rocks.

Building this house has involved a challenge in the sense of applying knowledge of Mallorcan architecture to modern work, seeking the most effective and natural solutions and materials and avoiding the use of synthetic, out-of-place and sometimes toxic products.

The quality of the construction and the scheme in general reaches the standard of the wonderful landscape seen through the windows – panoramic or intimate – of this splendid house, which is reminiscent of fishermen’s cottages.


Association of Notaries Public:

The restoration of the façade of this building in Palma is a good example of what our company can offer in this field and we are very proud of what is a job well done.

The work on the association building was painstaking and conscientious to the point of requesting scientific advice for ensuring the success of the restoration. Specific abrasive products were used for each part, controlling their toxic and aggressive effects. Some decorative walls on the façade had suffered collapses, sulphatisation, granular disintegration and other stone problems which made it necessary for us to carry out a considerable restoration and consolidation task. We undid some unfortunate old interventions that had been made with cement and applied a biocide treatment.


House in Gran Via in Sóller:

Sóller is synonymous with Modernism and colonial architecture and this house is in the most colonial street in the city, Gran Via.

As well as its condition due to the passage of time, the façade had suffered unfortunate changes to its original state and, as well as  cleaning, a complete reconstruction of some elements that had been eliminated was necessary: a vanished window was recreated from scratch with masonry techniques copying the texture of the original stone.

The results of the restoration and cleaning of this symbolic façade have also been spectacular, and Sóller’s reputation as a city of excellent architecture has been given something of a polish.